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Online Scorekeeper
Your Online League Manager

Welcome to Online Scorekeeper, home of the newest and most revolutionary online league manager for youth and adult team sports.

Online Scorekeeper is a web-based, online league manager to simplify and automate the administration of most sports leagues. Most importantly, it provides its coaches, referees, players, parents, and fans with round-the-clock, up-to-the-minute game schedules, team standings, and player statistics.

Online Scorekeeper can be used for all sports, including soccer, hockey, rollerhockey, football, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball.

To view or administer your league information, select your league from the list displayed in the right column of this page.


Online Scorekeeper is available to league administrators as an online subscription service. There is no computer software to download or run, no computer hardware to purchase or configure, and no web pages to create or maintain. League information can be accessed and updated directly from this website or can be easily integrated into an existing league website.

Simply use our web-based entry forms to schedule games, register players and teams, and enter game statistics as they are played. In addition, game referees, team practices, and other events like skill clinics and pick-up games can be scheduled.


If a computer with an internet connection is available in your scorekeepers box, scorekeepers can actually update game results and player statistics while the game progresses.

Otherwise, Online Scorekeeper provides scorekeepers with printable scorecards for the games they are "keeping", filled out with team names and player rosters including jersey numbers and emergency phone numbers. Game results and player statistics can then be entered online after the game using our web-based forms.

Coaches and Referees

Coaches can use Online Scorekeeper to check game times, team standings, and player statistics, schedule team practices, post messages, and even notify team members via e-mail.

Using Online Scorekeeper, referees can specify when their services are available and view when they are scheduled to referee games.

Players, Parents and Fans

The real benefit of Online Scorekeeper is that players, parents, and fans can easily access game schedules, team standings, game results, player statistics, league leaders, and important messages from the convienence of their home or office.

Online Scorekeeper even lets players register for the season online, print game schedules and team rosters, and e-mail messages to the league office, team coach, or other team members.


The Online Scorekeeper provides a Calendar, available to everyone to view what's scheduled on any given day. The calendar not only provides schedule information for regular season and playoff games, but when pick-up games are scheduled, public skating is available, skills clinics are provided, etc.


The Online Scorekeeper Scheduler automatically creates a season schedule for league administrators simply by providing it with a list of teams and available games times and locations. The Scheduler insures game times, locations, and opponents are equally distributed among teams throughout the season. (coming soon)


Online Scorekeeper provides a Registrar to allow teams and players to register for a season online. Online registration reduces paperwork, mail, and unnecessary trips to the league office or headquarters. (coming soon)

Learn More

Check out our Demo Leagues to see OnlineScorekeeper in action using a sample league. Feel free to add and update games and players.

Contact Us

To subscribe to the Online Scorekeeper League Manager, Calendar, Scheduler, and Registrar online services, or if you have further questions about Online Scorekeeper, please contact us at [email protected].


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